Frequently Asked Questions

What are 'recipes'?

Recipes are tiny bits of code, or mini tutorials with a problem--solution structure. In order to find out more just browse our directory.

How are recipes structured?

As follows:

Additional to this core data, ProcessWire Recipes need the following indications

How can I contribute?

Via GitHub pull request, by pasting it into a forum topic, and later per contribution form on this very site. Find out more here.

Wait, that's totally the concept of!

Guilty as charged. And their recipe site worked very well in the Laravel universe, and accompanied both official docs and forums. In this is also PWR's goal.

I spotted a typo!

Since this ProcessWire installation is on GitHub as well, just open an issue there or contact us via forum or twitter (links see below).

PW powered by flat files - how does that work?

Nice, isn't it? @owzim wrote this module especially for PWR.

Who's behind this?