Change homepage's default language


You have a multi-language site, and started with for example English as primary, and French as secondary language (so the English homepage is, the French one Later in the project you want to set French as primary.


Here is what you can do to redirect the home page '/' to the French home page:


    class LanguageDefault extends WireData implements Module {

         * getModuleInfo is a module required by all modules to tell ProcessWire about them
         * @return array
        public static function getModuleInfo() {

            return array(
                'title' => 'LanguageDefault',
                'version' => 1,
                'summary' => 'A work around to changing the default language.',
                'href' => '',
                'singular' => true,
                'autoload' => true,

         * Initialize the module
         * ProcessWire calls this when the module is loaded. For 'autoload' modules, this will be called
         * when ProcessWire's API is ready. As a result, this is a good place to attach hooks.
        public function init() {
            $this->session->addHookBefore('redirect', $this, 'setDefaultLanguage');
            // The hook checks whether you are viewing the home page, and whether you are redirecting to the English url, and if so, it changes the url to the French url

        public function setDefaultLanguage($event) {
            if ($this->page->id == 1 && $event->arguments(0) == $this->page->localUrl('default')) {
              $event->arguments(0, $this->page->localUrl('fr'));





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